How to Combat Knee Injuries in Female Athletes

Lionville Soccer Club – Lionhearts 

Did you know female athletes are 8-10x more likely to suffer a knee injury? Here is why.

• Female athletes have greater Q angles compared male counterparts. This can result in knee valgus or commonly known as “knock knees.”

• This problem is also caused by weak glute muscles. These muscle control abduction.

• Lastly ankle pronation from certain cutting angles can cause the knee to fall into valgus.

What are we doing to combat this?

To combat this issue, we go to the initial problem: weak glutes. 
• Squatting with bands can increase glute activation

• This is also good practice for athletes to push their knees out to prevent the “knock knee motion.”

• Another exercise we use to strengthen the glute muscles are band walks 

Secondly we practice exercises to enhance ankle stability. We like to challenge our athletes with single leg exercises. 

• One exercise we incorporate is a Single Leg RDL. This exercise also increases hamstring strength!

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