Athletic Development Program

This program is designed to help youth athletes reach their highest athletic potential in a progressive manner by increasing their speed, strength, and overall confidence.

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Our Athletic Development Program offers

Speed & Agility Training

We utilize the latest techniques to

1. Master running technique
2. Increase first step quickness
3. Increase change of direction

Strength Training

We coach our athletes the proper form and technique to enable them to increase power, strength, and explosiveness. The goal is to transfer these skills to their individual sports.

Injury Prevention

We assess each athlete and identify their weaknesses. Through this process we are able to prescribe the right program to correct muscle imbalances, increase flexibility, and improve overall conditioning to limit on field injuries.

Coaching Professionals

Our team will meet with you and your athlete regularly to review progress and make new recommendations. We aim to get to know each client individually with the shared goal of unlocking their athletic potential.

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