3 Things you should Focus On when you Start Strength Training

“New year, new me” –  is the quintessential New Year’s statement many of us have said before.  Where should you focus your energy and effort when starting a strength training program?  The first thing you need to do is establish a strong foundation, but what does that mean?

1. Start Small
– Use weights that you can handle well
– As you become more comfortable, start to gradually increase your workload over time (number of sets, reps, or weight used)

2. Improve mobility/flexibility
– Work on the flexibility and mobility of your body (shoulders, ankles, hips, etc.)
– Focus on efficient movement patterns (proper technique)
– Utilize a full range of motion in all lifts

3. Protein
– Prioritize your protein consumption
– Helps with repair and muscle gain
– Athletes and those resistance training have higher requirements
-100 lb person needs between 50-75g daily (higher end if resistance training)

Make the small changes first and avoid biting off more than you can chew when forming new habits.  Focus your energy on techniques and pushing yourself each time you step into the gym.  Utilize professionals if you are truly unclear on where to begin or what to do.  Finally, understand that strength training is a marathon and not a sprint, progression takes time and repetition. 


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