1 on 1 Personal Training: A Success Story

Sandy came to us a year ago to learn how to lift but was too afraid to do so alone. She was apprehensive about many things we were trying to get her to do because she had had some bad experiences in her fitness journey involving her back and the pain she had been dealing with for years.

We began with corrective exercises to teach her how to stabilize her core and progressed to light spine loading while building her general strength base.

When she started with us, she would not even pick up a kettlebell off the ground for fear of throwing her back out. 

We asked Sandy for her feedback on her first-year journey with us, and this is what she had to say:

“ I have had back issues for 10 years now. Working out for me was a limited activity because I was fearful of injuring my back further.  I avoided equipment and movements that challenged me and the weights I used were minimal. Now, I am motivated to continue to see my weights increasing. I now realize that the things that I was avoiding were actually the movements I really needed to do to strengthen my back. I am stronger now than I have ever been and my confidence in my workouts is amazing.”  

– Sandy

Sandy came to us anxious and fearful of many movements, but after careful demonstration and explanation of the benefits of  movements, she is now a confident member of our adult group training classes. 

Way to go Sandy! Keep it going!! 

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