In-season lifting: Myths and Solutions

Can you lift in-season? The short answer is yes, but you cannot train like you did in your off-season due to practice and game demands.

Here are some common myths and facts surrounding in-season training…

Myth: Lifting in-season will make you slow.

Fact: Lifting in-season will maintain your speed.

Myth: Lifting in-season will make you too sore to play.

Fact : Lifting in-season will not make you sore if you limit your lifting volume. Following are examples of the changes to scheduled lifts in and out of season:

Off-Season In-Season
Squat 4×8       Squat 3×5
Shoulder Press 3×10 Shoulder Press 2×10
RDL 3×10   RDL 2×10
Chin-ups 3×8Chin-ups 2×6
Lunges 3×10 each

Myth: You won’t have time to lift in-season.

Fact : It only takes  one training session per week to maintain your progress during the season!

Remember, your goal for in-season training is to maintain what you have worked for in the off-season!