Post-Op ACL Training

Luke is in his junior year at Downingtown East and plays varsity lacrosse. Over the past summer, Luke tore his ACL and Meniscus playing in a summer showcase tournament.

While waiting for surgery Luke continued to train his upper body and work around his injury. After surgery, Luke completed several months of Physical Therapy before returning to us with his goal of returning to play.  

We are now 9 months out from surgery and during that time we have been addressing several different aspects of his movement. 

  • Building back his strength base (muscles,tendons,ligaments)
  • Working on his jumping and running mechanics (body positioning)
  • Addressing flaws in his running gait
  • Working on change of direction 
  • Gaining speed and power back 
  • Building his confidence back up with his repaired knee

Ensuring that Luke has proper technique with all of his movements (lifting, running, jumping etc.) is crucial to him gaining confidence in his movement when he does step back onto the field for competitive play.

Awareness of body mechanics while in a live play situation can suffer when a player has a competitive mindset, so making sure everything is perfect while in a controlled environment is the key to having a healthy, strong and confident athlete.

Luke has been coachable throughout every phase of this process.  Keep the great work up Luke!

Check out his  journey below:


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