What type of shoes should I wear, Part I

At the start of our winter training program, a high school boy walked in wearing his brand new ADIDAS Ultra Boost shoes (see picture). We were measuring baseline agility test scores that day and upon his first change of direction, he blew out the whole side of his shoe and almost broke his ankle!!



Shoewear matters!

You wouldn’t wear slippers to basketball practice or Crocs to a lacrosse game, so we expect that proper footwear will be worn to the gym moving forward. For 2022, athletes will NOT be able to participate in speed and agility drills if they wear any of the following shoes to Driven:


  • Any ADIDAS shoewear
  • Any VANS shoewear
  • Nike Free shoewear
  • Any HOKA shoewear
  • Any running-specific shoes



What you need to look for in a good training shoe:

  • A flatter sole (unlike a running shoe with a higher heel)
  • Good ankle support
  • Good traction
  • A wider toe box (if possible)



Recommended Shoe list:

  • Nike Metcons (not the Free model)
  • New Balance Minimus
  • Reebok Nano X1
  • Under Armour TriBase

Click here to see some styles that are currently on sale for under $100!

Please come into the gym with appropriate shoewear every training session. Injury prevention is one of our main goals!!