Nutrition Spotlight: Christina Van Riper

Christina has been diligent with her nutrition for the past 5 weeks.  While we utilize the scale to look for weight trends and make calorie adjustments, it does not give us the complete picture.  Despite having lost only three pounds during this time, Christina has observed some of the challenges tackling her nutrition, along with other notable changes besides body weight.

  • “The hardest part for me has been staying within the calorie restriction.”
  • “I am definitely more aware of macros and how they can affect the day to day weight.”
  • “Getting back into the habit of tracking macros and measuring food has been helpful.”
  • “Even though my weight has not dropped drastically, I feel less bloated with more energy and I feel more comfortable in my clothes. I have also seen improvements in my sleep and workouts.”

Nutrition is more than cutting calories to lose weight.  It is about establishing healthy habits for long term success. Tackling nutrition can be a daunting thought for many. Remembering that nutrition is a marathon, not a sprint, makes it easier to stay on track and press on with the journey.