Mobility: Dan Chisena

Let’s talk about mobility!

Mobility or lack thereof can cause a lot of problems with athletes. We urge all of our athletes to train with the fullest range of motion possible because you never know what awkward position or low position you may end up in while in a live game situation. If you don’t put your body into low or stretched positions often then your risk of injury increases dramatically.

When Dan came to us, he had tightness in his ankles, hips and shoulders. We had 6 weeks to work with Dan on these problem areas and we’re able to make some great improvements.

Some things we looked at are:

  • Standing Overhead Extension (shoulders) 
  • Faber Test (hip rotation)
  • 5 inch wall test (ankles

Initially, Dan failed these tests. Over the course of our six weeks together we built specific warm-ups to improve his range of motion in these areas.  By the end of the 6 weeks, Dan was able to complete all of those tests and pass. 

Excellent work, Dan!