Fall High School Training Highlights

Our 3:30 PM High School Athlete Group has been one of our most-improved classes.

The kids in this class are highly motivated, which has led to vast improvements in their big lifts (front squat, trap bar, bench press). They are a very consistent, committed group of athletes, having 8-12 kids who come in every single day of their three days per week session.

This large group also creates a fun, team-like environment that allows for competition amongst them, which has only helped boost their confidence and gains.

We would like to highlight a few of these athletes: Brayden Quinn, Ryan Kelly, and Matthew Bolger.

They show maximum effort every day, leading to massive improvements in their lifts. Matthew is a great leader amongst the group.  He strives to be the hardest worker in the room by trying to increase his weight every time he’s in the gym. Brayden is consistent in his presence and his effort.  He sets a great example for his younger brother, Garrett, as well as everyone else in the group. Ryan is doing a great job keeping up with the big kids, especially being one of the youngest in the room (he’s an 8th grader working with the high school kids!). This has led to him being leaps and bounds above where he started.

Lift numbers to highlight:

BenchFront SquatTrap Bar
Matt187lbs235lbs 375lbs

Keep up the great work!