Consistency is Key πŸ”‘

Consistency is easily one of the most important factors in any type of diet or nutrition program.

Day-to-day consistency with calories and getting to macronutrient goals, in my opinion, is the deal breaker in having success with a nutrition plan, or not.

And here is why..

1. Consistency, especially early on, helps to build confidence surrounding food and what choices to make
2. The more consistent you are over time with this, the better results you will have
3. Allows your metabolism to settle and stop trying to up-regulate or down-regulate day to day because calories rise and fall daily.
4. Allow us to see what other factors affect the scale number, such as work stress, less daily movement, sodium, and fluid balance, etc.
5. Without consistency, it is impossible to determine if the calories we are consuming are getting us closer to our goal.