Upon completion of our first training quarter 12/27/21 – 3/27/22, we selected two standout clients who demonstrated consistency, positive attitude, and noticeable improvement. 

Chhavi Sharma started Driven at the end of September 2021 and has been consistent ever since she started. Over these past 3 months here are her improvements:

  • Bench Press (upper body strength) 15lb increase
  • Trapbar Deadlift (Lower Body Strength) 50lb increase
  • Squat 15lb increase


Lynn Greenspan has been a loyal day one client. She struggled over the fall with consistency due to family health issues. She bounced back this winter with resilience! Here are her improvements:

  • 4 pullup increase (upper body strength)
  • Trapbar Deadlift (Lower Body Strength) 30llb increase
  • 25 sec decrease on 1000m row (aerobic fitness)

We also asked her what changes she has noticed outside the gym…

“I can now bend down and load dishes and put them away in the bottom cabinets without any back pain. I have also been able to keep up with my puppy outside without getting fatigued. Every day I look forward to pulling away from work on my computer and going to Driven and seeing my fitness family!”